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Knowing what your LASH LIFT PREP prior to appointment, knowing and understanding the variables that will affect your EXPECTATIONS and the required AFTERCARE for your lash lift are listed below. 


After reading this outline if you have any questions please contact your lash stylist prior to making your appointment.



  • Arrive without ANY eye makeup on- think squeaky clean lashes

  • Have your contacts removed if applicable 

  • Be sure to discontinue the use of eyelash growth serum at least 2 days prior to your appt

  • Discontinue the use of waterproof mascara WEEKS before- that stuff never comes off!

  • STOP buying waterproof mascara ;)

  • Be sure you’ve had your lash extensions removed at least a  month prior to getting a lash lift 

  • Look over and understand the contraindications prior to your appt to be sure you are a good candidate for a lash lift



  • You lose 1-5 lashes a day- your lashes do NOT look the same for the entirety of the lift

  • Your lifted lashes will shed, and new, straight lashes will grow in, gradually changing the shape of your

  • lift

  • Your lash lift may not last as long every time you get them done- depends on where you are in your lash 

  • growth cycle- generally anywhere between 6-8, up to 12 weeks

  • If you have a lot of new lashes growing in, your lift will grow out quickly

  • If you use a growth serum, do NOT use it everyday- 2-3 times weekly for maintenance ONLY 

  • If you use a lash growth serum, do NOT just stop cold turkey- you will shed A LOT.

  • If you use a lash growth serum, do NOT use it every day- your lift will grow out quickly and MESSY

  • Understand that you will have a couple of weeks of lifted and straight lashes mixed together

  • You cannot get your lashes lifted as soon as you notice they are not perfectly lifted anymore

  • This is a chemical service and you need to preserve the integrity of your lashes.

  • Allow at least 6-8 weeks between appointments 



  • Within the first 24 hours- Do not get your lashes wet, avoiding heat and steam

  • Do not apply mascara 

  • Do not touch or rub them

  • Do not use lash growth serums, creams, or oils

  • Avoid sleeping on your face

  • Begin using your Elleeplex keratin lash gel (morning or night, or BOTH!)

  • You can also opt for the Elleevate keratin black mascara for daily wear

  • After 24 hours, you may resume normal skincare routine-

  • Do try to stay away from heavy oils as they may weigh your lashes down. 



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