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Elleebana's OnLine Conversion Course

Please Read Before Purchasing this Course



This Online Conversion Course is for ALL Students who have pre-existing knowledge, understanding of the lash lift application, and have a current Brand Certification and have well-developed knowledge of eye anatomy, hair and lash structure, client/technician wellbeing and selfcare, health, safety and sanitation and eye shapes and face considerations when performing a lash lift. 


This Certification Course is organized by Trainer, Donna Yonta

If you've been trained by another brand and are interested in learning the

"ELLEEBANA WAY" this course is for you.

Steps to becoming an Elleebana Lash Lamination Stylist

  • Before purchasing this course... you must send me (, note in the Subject line note Conversion Course) a copy of the current certificate you completed your previous training in as well as a copy of your professional license. 

  • Elleebana HQ will review your current certification. 

  • Once approved You can register for the class. It will take 24-48hr to activate your course.

  • You will then be granted access to the New Online Training Course, you will have this access available to you for 3 months (90days).

  • You will be sent a 5 pack of Elleeplex Profusion Lamination sachets and the Elleebana Original Lash Lift Adhesive.

  • I am available to you during your course time to answer any questions and bring clarification to the Elleebana Lash Lift process.  We will do this by scheduling a telephone meeting or if you prefer a facetime, zoom, or skype meeting. 

  • Once you have completed the Online Course you will need to submit 5 case study images and send me your Conversion Course Checklist, which will be sent to you and any relevant licenses from your state governing board. 

  • Your case studies will be evaluated.  

  • When your case studies are approved and all relevant documents have been received your digital certificate will be emailed to you at the address you provided.


Fees are NON-refundable, class dates can be transferred to an alternative date to accommodate a conflict in scheduling.  

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